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  1. Do you have a print catalog?
    No. This website is our catalog.
  2. Can you send patterns by email or for download?
    Most of our patterns, magazines, and books are sold as printed copies only. We do not have the rights to sell electronic files of these patterns. We will NOT email you a copy of a printed pattern to avoid shipping costs or issues with your postal service.
    If we do have the right to sell an electronic file, you will see a Format option with Download as one of the choices -or- you will be offered the option of a download with purchase of a yarn pac.
  3. I visited a Yarn Barn in...
    There are many Yarn Barns in the US, but we are not affiliated with any of them. This is an independent store located in Andersonville, Virginia. Until 1998, the store was located in Delaware, Ohio.

Common Problems

  1. How do Paypal invoices work?
  2. Order confirmation by email not received
  3. Download instructions not received
  4. You get an error sending us email
  5. Can not access shopping cart
  6. Shopping cart will only hold one item
  7. Site does not appear to be secure
  8. is sending email with order information
  9. Yarn Pac price shows up as $0.00
  10. Yarn Pac components not displayed on "Purchase Yarn and Accessories Page"
  11. Can not see detail images on books & pattern pages
  12. Can not see color cards on "Purchase Yarn and Accessories Page"

Common Tasks

  1. Viewing the contents of your shopping cart
  2. Placing your order
  3. Searching for products
  4. Checking the status of a gift certificate
  5. Using a gift certificate


How do Paypal invoices work?

Paypal invoices are not the real-time checkout you may be familiar with. Instead, when your order is ready to ship, I create an invoice and send it to you via Paypal using the email address given in your billing information during checkout. This invoice will include the exact shipping charge for your order.

When your order is ready to ship, I will send an email letting you know I have sent the Paypal invoice. You should receive an email from Paypal about the invoice. If you have a Paypal account, you can also find any pending invoices on the home page of the Paypal app and under "Activity" on the Paypal website.

You can currently pay Paypal invoices using your Paypal account or Venmo. If you don't have a Paypal account (or aren't signed in), you will also have the option to pay by debit or credit card.

If I do not receive payment of the invoice within a week's time, your order will be canceled and items returned to our inventory.

Viewing the contents of your shopping cart

A summary of the items in your shopping cart is displayed on the right side of every page in the Shopping Cart box. If you want to see all the details, click on the View Cart text at the top of every page, or click on the Shopping Cart link in the Navigation box on the left side of the page. Both of these options will display the My Shopping Cart page.

In addition to displaying the contents of your shopping cart, the My Shopping Cart page allows you to:

  • modify quantities of items in the shopping cart:
    change the quantity and/or options, then click the update icon update icon
  • remove items from the shopping cart:
    click the delete icon delete icon
  • empty the shopping cart
  • place your order (checkout)

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Placing an order

When you have added all the items you want to order to your shopping cart, go to the My Shopping Cart page. You can access this page by clicking on the View Cart text at the top of every page, or by clicking on the Shopping Cart link in the Navigation box displayed on the left side of every page.

To place your order, click the Begin Checkout button which is located near the bottom of the My Shopping Cart page. This will start the checkout process.

If you are having trouble using the shopping cart, you can also place an order by phone, mail, or email.

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Emails from

We process credit/debit card payments through By default, you will receive an email receipt from when we process the card that will show the exact amount charged. This email is the equivalent of the paper receipt you would get in our store. You do not need to respond to the email. If you do not wish to receive this receipt, uncheck the box labeled "Email receipt when card charged" during checkout.

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You can now search our product database using the Search box on the left side of every page. Note that this searches the product database, not the text of the web site's pages.

From the Search box, you can elect to search all products or a particular type of product using the drop-down list. You can also enter the criteria to use to search the database. We search the product name, supplier/author, short description (that's the one you see in the search results), and keywords we have added to the database for the exact word or phrase you entered.

Tips for entering search criteria:

  • if you are looking for a product from a known company/designer, either enter the product name or the company name, but not both. e.g. search for "kureyon" not "noro kureyon"
  • the search does not look for specific yarn color names or numbers
  • the search does not look for individual patterns contained in a pattern book
  • searches are not case-sensitive, e.g. Kirtland and kirtland return the same results
  • the search matches partial words, e.g. if you search for pat it will return all products with pattern in a search field also. If this is not the behavior you want, add a trailing space, e.g. "pat " returns patterns by Pat Kirtland, but not all the other patterns.

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Check the Status of a Gift Certificate

To check the status of your gift certificate, you will need the gift certificate code and recipient name as shown on the printed or emailed certificate you received.

To check the status, click the My Account link at the top of any page. If you have not logged in to your account, you will see a section titled Check Gift Certificate Status beneath the user login area. If you have logged in to your account, this section is at the bottom of the My Account page.

In either case, enter the gift certificate code and recipient name then click the Check Status button. A page should be displayed with the available balance and the transactions posted against the gift certificate.

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Use a Gift Certificate

If ordering through the web site, add items to the shopping cart as usual. Where you enter your credit card number during checkout there will be a line for entering gift certificate codes. (You will need to either enter a valid credit card number or request a paypal invoice, even if you expect the gift certificate to cover the total with shipping.) If ordering by phone, just remember to mention your gift certificate code(s).

When we ship your order, we deduct the total with shipping from your gift certificate(s). Any remaining balance due is charged to your credit card. Any balance remaining on the gift certificates can be used on future orders.

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Receiving emails

Automated order confirmation emails are sent immediately when your order is placed. If you see the order confirmation page in your browser (the page with your order number), you should receive the email confirmation within a few minutes.

If you have ordered downloadable patterns, your download instructions will not be sent until credit card or Paypal payment has been received. We do not do real-time payment processing, so this will usually be during regular business hours.

If the emails aren't received, they may have been trapped by a Spam filter installed either on your computer or on your email provider's servers. The email may have been delivered into a "Spam", "Suspect Email", or similarly named folder instead of into your Inbox. If this is the case, usually adding [email protected] to your address book or "allowed senders" list will solve the problem for future emails.

Occasionally we run into a problem where an email provider doesn't like the way our shopping cart sends email. In this case, the email provider blocks delivery of the message. If we catch the error message they send back (many of those get caught by our Spam filter...), we will forward the original message to you. It may take 1-3 days for you to get messages in this instance.

If you don't receive the emails you expect, please contact our webmaster to verify your order was received and/or request access to any downloadable patterns you have ordered.

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Bounced Emails

If you try to send us email and get a 'bounce' error email in return, we never get your email. The error email you get in reply should tell you if there's something you need to do to fix the error (for example, forwarding the error email to our email provider's postmaster). Until the error situation can be resolved, please contact us by phone or using our contact form.

Sometimes the error message you get may indicate a temporary problem, such as our mail server being offline. Usually in this case your message will get through eventually.

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Yarn Pacs

Our yarn pac ordering page relies on scripting support in your browser to generate the list of items in the yarn pac. If you have scripting disabled, the page will not display correctly. Also, because the list of items is generated when the page is completely loaded into your browser, the complete list of items (e.g. all the yarn!) will not be displayed while the page is still loading.

The individual components of the yarn pac will be added to the shopping cart, just as they appear on the yarn pac page. So instead of seeing a total price for the yarn pac itself, you will see a line item with price $0.00 something like this:

Note: this order includes yarn to make Jane Ellison The Mirasol Collection, Book 1 Aldana, colorway Custom (Miski), size XS (34 in.)

plus separate line items for each color of yarn, the pattern book, and possibly accessories.

If the yarn pac page is not working for you, please contact our webmaster.

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View larger images or color cards

For most browsers, we display larger images of book covers, patterns, individual designs, etc. in a separate "popup" window. We also display color cards from the "Purchase Yarn and Accessories Page" in separate "popup" windows.

The Web TV (MSN TV) browser does not support popup windows, so for this browser we display larger images in the main window. We do not "special-case" the display of color cards from the "Purchase Yarn and Accessories Page." These will not display if you are using the Web TV browser.

We have also received reports of problems viewing the popup window from the Safari browser. Thus we also display the larger images in the main window for this browser also. We do not "special-case" the display of color cards from the "Purchase Yarn and Accessories Page." Please let us know if you experience problems viewing the popup color cards from the Safari browser.

If you do not see these windows when you click on a thumbnail image or a color card link, first check whether you have a "popup blocker" installed that is blocking our popup window. If that is the case, see if your popup blocker lets you enable all popups for a particular site. Our site does not display 3rd party ads that would generate popup windows, so you should not have any problems from enabling popups for

If you continue to have problems viewing larger images or popup color cards, please contact our webmaster.

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If this page doesn't answer your question

If you have a question about using the web site, please contact our webmaster.

If you have a question about a product, contact the store.

You should hear back from us within 24 hours.

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