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Driveway border started in 2003 with a planting of tissue culture lilacs brought back from Seattle underneath the seat of the airplane.  This photo in June 2004 with perennials added for summer interest.

border05.jpg (28953 bytes)
My how the border has grown in a year! Now late June of 2005. Monarda is about as tall as I am!

hydrangeasa05.jpg (21663 bytes)
New woodland garden 2005 behind Yarn Barn.
Will have many varieties of hydrangea, azaleas, rhodendrum, hosta, and more to come.

drainbow04.jpg (8451 bytes)
photo 2004 looking out side door of Yarn Barn.
I think the pot of gold is inside!

hydrangeas05.jpg (8524 bytes)
another look at the woodland garden.
This is about a fourth of the area, so many more years work ahead.

hosta05.jpg (12449 bytes)
A happy co-incidence, I forget about hosta blooming.  Planted with coral swirl impatients

hydrangeaoak05.jpg (26906 bytes)
oak leaf hydrangea
the flowers on these are as long as my forearm

hollyhocks04.jpg (18256 bytes)
new bed 2004 in back of house
Jim loves hollyhocks and this was the first time I have ever gotten them to grow.

daylilywpink05.jpg (9505 bytes)

daylilyws05.jpg (14929 bytes)

daylilypink05.jpg (6463 bytes)

daylilyrose05.jpg (12850 bytes)

daylilyp05.jpg (8677 bytes)

daylilyy04.jpg (17646 bytes)

daylilyr04.jpg (14660 bytes)

maybe if I dig around in my notes I can find the names of these daylilies

hollyhocksy04.jpg (16978 bytes)
a double yellow hollyhock from 2004, to bad it didn't live another season, the hollyhock that came up this year is pink single

magnolia04.jpg (12478 bytes)
the bud on a magnolia


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