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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets

Lykke Interchangeable Needle Set

Lykke Interchangeable Needle Sets give you a wide range of needle sizes in a small package. Available in multiple colors with 5″ or 3.5″ tips.

Price: $90.00 - $125.00
  • multiple pairs needle tips
  • 3 lengths of cords
  • connectors, keys and stoppers
  • carrying case

Knitting Bags

Nantucket Bagg Model 522 Bag

A Nantucket Bagg Model 522 Bag is a great way to tote a project around, with plenty of pockets for needles and other tools. This bag can be used as a tote, roll, or backpack.

Price: $45.00
  • 15″ x 10″ x 6″ with 1.25″ handles
  • Reverse to put pockets inside or out
  • Bag zips open
  • 30 pockets
See all available knitting bags

Yarn Winders

Lykke Yarn Winder

Yarn winders are used to make pull thread balls from hanks or skeins of yarn. I currently have a few Lykke Craft winders in stock.

Price: $100.00
  • hand operated winder
  • makes pull thread balls up to 4 oz.
  • clamp to tabletop

Wooden Needle Gauge

Cherry Needle Gauge

A Needle Gauge sorts out which needles are which size. The gauge shown here also includes a handy ruler for checking stitch and row gauge, essential to make sure projects come out the expected size!

Price: $12.00
  • 15 needle sizes
  • 2″ ruler for checking gauge

Stocking Stuffers

Nancy's Knit Knacks DP Needle Tubes or DP WIP Tubes protect double pointed needles in storage or while attached to a project. These would make excellent stocking stuffers.

Nancy's Knit Knacks DP Needle Tubes
Price: $5.50
  • Package of 4 tubes
  • Strong paper telescopic tubes
  • Holds up to 5 US #10 10″ needles
Nancy's Knit Knacks DP WIP Tubes
Price: $6.50
  • Package of 2 tubes
  • Strong paper telescopic tubes
  • Holds needles 5-10″ long on your work in progress

More Ideas

I also have:

**Swifts and woolly boards are custom made. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Need more ideas? Please ask!