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Nancy's Knit Knacks Accessories


DP Needle Tubes
Price: $5.50
3 remainingPackage of 4 tubes
These are strong paper telescopic tubes with closed ends. The inner diameter of 5/8" is wide enough to hold 5 US #10 needles. Tubes can hold needles up to 10" long.


DP Wip Tubes
Price: $6.50
7 remainingPackage of 2 tubes
These tubes hold and protect your double pointed needles while they are still connected to your project. These are strong, rigid, paper telescopic tubes with closed ends. The inside diameter is 5/8" and the tubes can hold needles 5 - 10" long.


Knit Light™ Replacement Batteries
Price: $5.00
3 remainingincludes 6 batteries
enough for 2 battery changes
in your Knit Light™