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Featuring Yarn from Dale Garn

Note: I am no longer able to buy Dale Garn yarns. Once my stock of yarn is gone, I may not be able to offer out of print patterns, so if you want to knit an old design, get your yarn pacs soon!

If you need to use a substitute yarn I am now stocking Rauma yarns that are interchangeable for the Baby Ull, Heilo and Falk.

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Dale Garn
Book 65
Price: $0.00
Can Copy
with yarn pac purchase
Out of Print
designs for men and women
using Dale Garn yarns

This pattern is out of print. We can send you a printed copy of a specific design with the purchase of a yarn pac.

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Dale Garn
Book 8102. Favorite Baby Designs 2
Price: $15.00
2 remaining12 designs for infants from older Dale books
knit in Baby Ull


Dale Garn
Book 8103. Designs for Newborns
Price: $17.00
4 remaining12 designs for newborns
including blankets and christening gowns
in Baby Ull, Stork, and Lerke


Dale Garn
Book 8301. Lace Shawls
Price: $10.00
?? remaining4 designs
knit or crochet in Baby Ull

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Dale Garn
Book 8302. Crochet Accessories
Price: $10.50
3 remainingaccessories to crochet in Dale Garn yarns

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Dale Garn
Book 8303
Price: $13.50
3 remainingquick & easy accessories
knit in Dale Garn yarns
includes shorts, socks, slippers, gloves, leg warmers, scarf, and purse

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