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Mar 2021: See the status page for info on order backlog.

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Store Status

As of 5pm Friday March 5th:

Order Processing

The response to my 50th Anniversary sale was overwhelming - a year's worth of sales in less than a week!

There's just me and a couple of great friends to pull and pack orders, so it will be several days before I am able to process your order and get back to you regarding out of stock items, shipping quotes, paypal invoices, etc. If you get an order number after checking out, you're in the queue, and I'll get to you as fast as I can.

As of 5pm Friday March 5th, orders through #39840 are either shipped or waiting for a reply; several more orders are partially pulled; and there are about 135 orders still in the queue. Currently I am working on clearing the partially pulled orders.

Your patience is appreciated.

A typical pile of sale orders waiting for USPS pickup.

Jan 2021: No Longer Shipping to the UK

Due to changes in UK customs procedures, I can no longer ship to the UK.

The UK now requires retailers to collect VAT on all goods shipped to the UK. There are no exceptions for businesses like mine that only have a small amount of sales to the UK, and I do not see an easy inexpensive way to meet the requirements from the US. Until this changes, I will no longer be able to ship to the UK.

USPS Delays

Between Covid-19 and winter weather, some packages are taking longer than normal to arrive. For example, some priority packages are taking a week rather than the usual 2-3 days. The delays vary greatly depending on how packages are routed.

I will send you a tracking number when the package is mailed, which you can check on the USPS website. If you don't have the tracking number, USPS informed delivery will tell you about all the packages coming to your address - mine will generally show up as packages from Dillwyn, VA.

Shop by Appointment

We live next to the store, so are usually around during business hours, but there are times when we have doctors appointments or need to make trips into town during the day. Please call or email beforehand to make sure I will be here and am not expecting other people at the store.

You may be asked to wear a mask while in the store.

The store is closed to walk-in customers until we get caught up processing orders.

Special Orders

Some of my suppliers are operating with reduced staff, and they are also coping with the same shipping delays as everyone else. So special ordering yarn may take a bit longer than usual. Inventory counts are now displayed for all yarn — the numbers in the computer don't always match what's on the shelf, but should be pretty close.

Ongoing Phone Issues

We have had a lot of problems with our phone service recently. If your call disconnects after 1 ring, or rings forever without an answer, please use the contact form to email me, or send a message through facebook. Sometimes we can make calls but not receive them, so it's not obvious on our end there's a problem.