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Books & Patterns

Featuring Frangipani 5-ply Guernsey Wool

Elizabeth Lovick

Basic Ribbed Gansey

gansey sweater, finished size 33-46.5"

Basic Ribbed Gansey XL

gansey sweater, finished size 50-63.5"

Child's Lighthouse Gansey

child's gansey, finished size 24-32"

Fair Isle Gansey

adult gansey, finished size 39-49"

Fair Isle Gansey XL

adult gansey, finished size 52-70"

Fishermen's Socks and Kilt Hose

rib socks for men and women, with variations

Gansey Pattern Scarves

three scarves for adults and children

Gansey Sampler Cushion

two cushion covers

Panel Pattern Mitts and Hats

to fit children and adults, with 6 different gansey patterns

Pin Cushions and Simple Bags

small projects to swatch gansey patterns

Scottish Herring Girl's Gansey

women's pullover, finished size 36-55"

Stromness Gansey

gansey sweater, finished size 34-49"

Stromness Gansey XL

gansey sweater, finished size 54-73"

Two Tassel Hats and Matching Scarves

fun accessories for adults or children

Sabine Domnick

Cables, Diamonds, Herringbone

secrets of knitting traditional fishermen's sweaters