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Corrections for Amplitudes #20a

Rhythm Tapestry Vest

These corrections apply to patterns purchased before Jul 2008. If your pattern has a revision date of 3 Jul 2008 or later, the pattern has already been corrected.

In the BACK section,

the last two paragraphs of the section should read (changes in red):

At this point work each side of center stitch separately. The back is now the final length and you need to work triangles on each half of back to square the back up.

Knit 2 together at each end of every knit row. When 3 stitches remain, work 3 together and end off. Attach yarn at center neck and work other half of back the same.

In the LEFT FRONT section,

the paragraph starting "Decrease 1 at beginning of knit row..." should read (changes in red):

Decrease 1 at beginning of knit row and maintain the neck shaping...continue until 36 stitches remain. For the small sample knitted by Jojo, there are 22 sts at this point.