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Historical Mystery:

Author Protagonist Location Time Period
Michael Jecks Sir Baldwin Furnshill Lydford,England
Ian Morson William Falconer Oxford, England 13th century
Candace Robb Owen Archer York, England 14th century
Sharon Newman Catherine LeVendeur France 12th century
Kate Sedley Roger the Chapman
Caroline Roe Isaac of Girona Girona,Spain 1300's
Peter Tremayne Sister Fidelma Ireland 7th century
Ann Dukthas Nicholas Segalla various various
Robert Van Gulik Judge Dee China 7th century
Elizabeth Eyre Sigismondo Italy
Margret Frazer Sister Frevisse Oxfordshire 15th century
Paul Doherty Brother Athelstan London (Southwark) 1380
Fiona Buckley Ursula Blanchard England 1562
Karen Harper Elizabeth Tudor England 1558
Sharon Kay Penman Justin de Quincy England 1193
Simon Beaufort Sir Geoffrey Mappestone English-Welsh boarder 1101
Joan Wolf Hugh Corbaille Lincoln,England late 11th century
Lauren Haney Lt. Bak Kemet (Egypt)
Bernard Knight Sir John de Wolfe
(Crowener John)
Exeter, Englanr 1195
Susanna Gregory Matthew Bartholomew Cambridge, England 1350's

    I'm currently enjoying the Susanna Gregory and Joan Wolf series. For maybe a little less action and a little more character development I read Candace Robb and Sharon Neuman. Another author I enjoy is Kate Sedley, but I haven't seen a new work lately.

Math & Science:

    Two books that are a good introduction to the history of Mathematics are The Mathematical Universe and Journey Through Genius, both by William Dunham. For another slant on the same subject try The Mathematical Experience by Philip J. Davis and Reuben Hersh or Mathematics, The Loss of Certainty by Morris Kline.



    For a good idea of life in 14th century Europe try A Distant Mirror by Barbara W. Tuchman. A World Lit Only by Fire by William Manchester covers a longer period ending in the early 16th century (Henry VIII of England).

Last modified on 19 June, 2006