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Furniture and Accesories in the Colonial and Arts & Crafts style - Benches,Bookcases,Lamps,Candlsticks,Candle stands,Lamp stands,Plant stands,Taboutets,Wastepaper baskets, Umbrella stands


Trees on 20 foot grid:
Name Bloom Harvest
1. Dwarf Gravenstein Apple(replanted 2003) 4/4
2. died of fire blight
3. Starkling Delicious Plum
4. Northstar Cherry 4/15
5. Emperor Francis Cherry 4/15
6. Gala Apple 4/4
7. Dwarf Red Haven Peach 3/25
8.Dwarf White Peach 3/25
9.Crimson Gold Nectarine
10.Shiro Plum
11.Starkgold Cherry 4/18

Trees in row to be trained into Belgian Fence:

Name Bloom Harvest Comments
1. Melrose(Jonathan x Delicious) 4/4 susceptible to cedar apple rust, crisp,sweet,juicy
2. Black Gillifeather (Sheepnose)
3. Idared
4. Fuji
5. Unknown
6. Grimes Golden
7. Red Delicious
8. Cortland
9. Paul Red x good apple,encourage it!
10. Arkansas Black
11. Melrose 4/4 susceptible to cedar apple rust

These were all grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock (M22 ?) while we were still in Ohio.

Name Bloom Harvest
Chester blackberry    

  Added Chester Blackberry in 2003