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Queensland Collection Patterns

Book 1: Bobbie Throw & Freddie Cushion

knit in Kathmandu Aran 100

Book 1: Diesel Sweater

men's ribbed turtleneck pullover

Book 1: Maxwell Socks

crew-length socks to fit shoe size UK4-7/US6-9

Book 11: 12. Fitted Jacket

women's long button-front v-neck jacket with cables and pockets

Book 11: 14. Sweater

women's long sleeve pullover with cables and divided neck

Book 11: 8. Jacket

women's long button-front jacket with cables

Book 9. Menswear

21 garments & accessories for men

Book 9. Menswear: Ansley

men's ribbed raglan v-neck pullover

Book 9. Menswear: Beck

men's cabled pullover with zipped collar

Book 9. Menswear: Charles

men's turtleneck pullover

Book 9. Menswear: Eddie

men's ribbed hat & scarf

Book 9. Menswear: Eric

men's ribbed v-neck vest/slipover

Book 9. Menswear: Hank

men's turtleneck pullover

Book 9. Menswear: Tom

men's hooded pullover

Cairns Pad Spring/Summer 2016

Free with Yarn

cropped top, kimono vest, and skinny lace scarf knit in Queensland Cairns

Cassowary Pad

wrap, cowl and socks knit in Queensland Cassowary

Kathmandu Aran 100 Pad: Kyla Hat

adult cabled beanie hat

Kathmandu Aran 100 Pad: Rae Shrug

shrug with cable border

Kathmandu Aran 100 Pad: Skerrie Wrap

rectangular wrap with eyelet border

QC34. Kathmandu Aran 100 Jayne Accessories

Free with Yarn
women's cabled scarf, fingerless mitts, and beanie hat

QC40. Cairns Millie Wrap

Free with Yarn Pac

wrap with diamond openwork detail, knit in Cairns

QC45. United Alexis Scarf

Free with Yarn Pac

unisex striped scarf knit in 12 colors United

Sunshine Coast Pad

Free with Yarn
3 garments for women, knit in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Pad Spring/Summer 2017

Free with Yarn Pac

top and wrap knit in Queensland Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Pad: Alice

cap sleeve top with lace & cable front, knit in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Pad: Daisy

cap sleeve top with twisted front, knit in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Pad: Lily

lacy poncho knit in Sunshine Coast

United Pad Spring/Summer 2017

Free with Yarn
cowl, top, and poncho knit in United