Sale Yarn


Please read this page before purchasing sale items. It explains the general condition of yarns at different sale prices. Given this disclaimer, all purchases of sale items are final.

Yarns appearing on the sale page are there for several reasons. Mostly I need shelf space and these sale yarns are taking up the space I want to use. I have had an unhappy customer who bought some of this yarn and thinks I need to comment on the condition of the yarn. I can not possibly take the time to describe the condition of every ball of yarn being offered as before I am done with this project it will involve thousands of balls of yarn.

All of this yarn has been in a store for varying lengths of time, so it has been handled, may be missing its wrapper, or has generally been messed up from handling by customers. Some of this yarn is very old, coming from my store when it was in Ohio. Some of it sat in that store for over a year in unheated building as we were waiting to sell the building and were remodeling the 1700/1800's building we were buying in Virginia. Then it was hurriedly packed by many people and shoved into boxes in a random, not so gentle manner, and has been either on the shelf or stored in boxes in Virginia for the last 7 years.

If I have mixed lots of yarn they will be offered separately.

If a yarn is priced at 50 cents or a $1.00 it is usable, but may be a single skein, will probably be missing labels, probably looks well handled, or may be faded or dirty. Light colors do get dirty when stored or handled; that's a fact of life. Most blues, especially mid to dark blues and purples, fade in all kind of lighting, so that will probably be the case at 50 cents. These yarns are probably good for dishcloths, kids' art projects, charity knitting as it can be laundered when done, or I guess you could hank the yarn and wash it before using. After all you are probably saving $2.00-8.00 a ball on these yarns.

If yarn is $2.00 a ball is it generally in good condition, usually in the original bag, may have a knitted square attached to it if it had an unusual texture, and might be missing labels. The glue on labels is the pits; I find labels on the floor every day. If the bag has been opened some of the contents may appear ratty, especially if the labels are off, it contains rayon, or is a slippery yarn. These balls self-destruct when the elves come in at night to play!

If a yarn is $3.00 a ball or at wholesale, it is generally in excellent condition, could have been out of the bag but is nothing that I would hesitate to knit with to make a store sample or make up for my grandkids or for any charity knitting.

If a yarn is priced over wholesale but on sale, then it is a current or recent yarn or colors that may be discontinued by the company, or didn't sell well and I want to clean out the whole line and replace with a more popular product. Most of these yarns are current to 3 years old, again on shop shelves for customers to look at and feel.

I guess if you want a bargain, there are some risks involved. There are some excellently priced expensive yarns here and since I have written a disclaimer about these yarns, they are not returnable. In general I don't think you will be unhappy. The photos of the yarns are the ones I pulled off the shelf to take the photo and are going to be the ones in the worst condition, so if it looks good, it probably is.


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